Products and Services

QE Park Street ClockA. Public clocks

Consult, design, supply and install all types and sizes of reliable public clocks.
We supply the materials, mechanisms, hands, dials, chimes, lighting and special effects systems for public clocks. Remote controls, synchronized chimes, steam, fog, and lighting effects are a few options we offer.
  1. Tower clocks from a single 24” dial to giant clocks with 16-foot dials
  2. Steam clocks custom made from 16 feet high
  3. Sculptured clocks to create a visitor attraction
  4. Street clocks to include custom signage and Club loges.

B. Materials
  1. Industrial mechanisms with 5-year warrantees
  2. A variety of stock and custom patterned hands
  3. Professional indexing of translucent or opaque clock faces
  4. Traditional and custom built chime systems
  5. Shadow-less rear dial illumination
  6. Steam whistles used as chimes
  7. Fog systems to signal the time
  8. Custom lighting to create visual time signalsBirks Street Clock Before & After Restoration

C. Restorations

Public clocks
  1. Restoration of public timepieces.
  2. Overhaul or refit a new clock system into old town clocks
  3. Scheduled maintenance and resetting services for daylight saving time.
  4. Replacing or restoration of damaged clock faces.